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Logging MSI Package Installs

The below parameters can be used together (in any combination) to create a log file during the installation of an MSI package with a bit more information and control. In this case, logging takes place specifically during the installation process. msiexec /L[i][w][e][a][r][u][c][m][p][v][+][!] [C:/location/logfile.txt] Option Parameters Meaning /L i|w|e|a|r|u|c|m|p|v|+|! /L - Specifies the path to the log file

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Logging Batch Script Errors

To identify any errors that may occur during the execution of a batch script, this article will demonstrate how to enable logging to an output file. Command lines to log a batch script, if an error should occur: call :Logit>>C:\batch.log 2>&1 :Logit Example To create a log file called "batch.log" in

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