During the installation of TeamViewer, an ID is registered and permanently assigned based on a system’s hardware configuration. TeamViewer ID Reset is a tool that attempts to automatically reset and assign a new ID to ensure it is unique.

Possible conditions that may require an ID reset:

  • The ID was cloned after imaging (two or more machines have the same ID)
  • TeamViewer is unable to assign an ID despite having a Internet connection
  • The inability to connect to a remote computer that is running TeamViewer

Version 0.4.1
Version History


Version 1.6
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  1. Download and extract the contents
  2. Run the script as an administrator
  3. If prompted, restart for changes to take effect

The script or application will determine the TeamViewer version and associated settings.

Within those settings, the values that represent ID information are found and cleared.

After restarting your computer, TeamViewer will resync in attempt to obtain a new ID. This is done by checking the system’s hardware configuration first and eventually registering a new ID (if applicable). Otherwise, the old ID will be reassigned if the previous ID was already unique.

  • Install TeamViewer after imaging a machine
  • Uninstall and reinstall TeamViewer on the effected machine
  • Manually find and remove TeamViewer’s configuration settings

Running this tool multiple times does not cause any negative effects. However, please note that if the ID is already unique, it will not continuously change.